Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer is all kinds of awesome for PDX Kids

So a planning snafu led to next week being campless! Ack! In an effort to remedy the situation (ha! Might as well count all the sand in Hawaii), I dug up two amazing camps that I had missed on the first pass.

Zenger Farm will put your kiddo to work in the dirt, which we get by driving to the grandparents in Roseburg. But they also do lunches with the kids using the produce that's coming out of the ground, which is a very cool connection to the whole circle of life thing.

Oregon College of Art and Craft has amazing workshops up to and including high school, and like many places they offer year-round options for folks with especially crafty kids.

Suffice it to say that competition is fierce for summer planning, and that in general I need to be a lot more on the ball next February (yes, February) to get all of the ducks in a row. Meantime, it's off to the museums next week...

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waj said...

LOL... just came across this post, and yeah, it's tough. There seem to be more options when they get a bit older though... this year I screwed up and waited until May, yet I managed to get my daughter (10) into a zoo camp and five OMSI camps. Add in some extra time at her mom's house, and there were only two weeks unscheduled the whole summer!

Still, I am not taking any chances next year and plan to start scheduling in February. There are a couple OMSI classes in particular she has not been able to take two years running due to the competition for those most-popular ones.