Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jam Sessions

Not much can be said about this title that hasn't already been said, but whoa nelly, is this exciting. It even sounds reasonably like an acoustic guitar. I have my doubts about calling it a "guitar," when clearly its primary function is more reminiscent of an auto-harp. that said, I'm obviously going to go get one immediately. It solves two problems - first, that I have no guitar, and second, that Claire would really like to learn some guitar but has itty bitty hands.

Probably the most absurd thing I saw was the guy from Vietnam recording a rhythm loop and then accompanying his DS on electric guitar. That doesn't suck. I'd also be interested to see whether or not the effects package allows you to do some kind of pre-gain adjustments, because some of the sample videos feel a little brassy. Like the attack that you get from the stylus is too strong for whatever compression they're using (the Slightly Stoopid guy was just using his thumbnail, and seemed to be getting better strums). Again, I'm complaining about a bona fide guitar sim on my personal favorite handheld, so my life is pretty good.

Somebody with waaay more Garage Band street cred than I should figure out how to use Jam Sessions as a midi controller for software instruments. I mean, I think it can be a line input with the current guitar voice, which isn't bad. But if I could use it to, say, control some sort of gamelan, or less esoterically, control one of the GB guitars, I'd be a happy camper. Get right on that, will you?

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