Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Where to begin

So, the puzzle questing has been taking up a fair amount of time, not to mention job hunting and other silliness. So there's a great deal to talk about.

I'm in the process of completing my application for Write Around Portland (see website here) so that I can do facilitator training the next time around. It feels like a really good way to use my MFA and hopefully will also get me into the scene around here. It's hard to feel so very disconnected from the writing community, and for so very long (really the last illusion of a scene I was even participating in was New College, so very long ago) and still get up the energy to write things. So this should be exciting.

Speaking of exiting writing, I found Barrelhouse to be a pleasant surprise when I picked it up at Powell's the other day. I can recommend it pretty highly. I'm also so out of the journal/zine scene that it's almost embarrassing to even be mentioning a mag at all, but you gotta start somewhere.

Current projects: Slacker's Guide to Law School and Bosephus Jones and the Missing Malamute. One of them is a kid's book (I leave it to you to guess which). Also getting back into the poem-a-day habit, though that's a tough road.

Anyhoo, many many other things, but I'll have to stack them in a queue and actually, y'know, post.

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