Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fridge Frittata

We're heading out for Danielle's wedding this week and the fridge was full of delectables from a week's worth of cooking lunches and whatnot at home (part of the New Austerity, but also capitalizing on the freaking incredible abundance at the Farmer's Market right now...). So what else but an Everything Frittata? Stuff it included:

  • Beet greens, most of the stem removed and chopped up a bit
  • leftover home-roasted peppers, already chopped but chopped a bit smaller (no long strips, more of a 1/2" dice)
  • heirloom tomatoes from that crazy guy at Farmer's Market who has like 27 varieties in one booth, diced
  • small amount of leftover BBQ chicken, diced small (practically minced)
  • two knobs of pepper jack and cheddar cheese, shredded
  • Truckload of eggs
  • Salt and Pepper

    It was enough to make two with my handy dandy frittata pans. (Note that these are totally unnecessary. Using a regular fry pan you just stir more aggressively before allowing the frittata to set, then finish the top half under the broiler.) We ate half/two thirds of one and had a discussion about how to save the rest. The end result is that we froze pieces in three separate quart-sized freezer bags. I will report back when we actually crack one open (probably next week), but I'm told by the innernets that souffles of various types have held up nicely under similar treatment.

    Had a lovely little new potato along with, and lots of salsa and sour cream. Yummers. This is not the first but the latest in a variety of new cooking thingies I've been doing. Massively inspired by Cook with Jamie, Jamie Oliver's latest and an amazing love song to the art and craft of cooking.

    I have a lot to say about Neal Stephenson but I'm waiting to finish the book.

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