Friday, September 12, 2008

Timbers Dominate, Lose 2-1: The Story of the Season

A spectacular cross, ball into the net, and a dominating performance in the first half. Then two (literally, two) chances for Charlotte, and they converted on both. The core truth of this season is the absence of that kind of game-changing power up front. We're not making plays. We don't convert like that. Not that we didn't have the opportunity - we were seriously all over them, even down to ten men.

We're left hoping for some serious voodoo math to make the post-season, at which point we will travel everywhere.

I dunno, it's disappointing. We have such a solid midfield and (normally) effective backs. We just need to put the ball in the net.

Thanks, though, to Dietrich for the opportunity to hang out. Next year!

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